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VTech Will Acquire 100% Share Capital of Snom

VTech and Snom announced today that the two companies will soon become one. VTech intends to buy 100% share capital of Snom, financing the transa(...)

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PROFIT and Canadian Business unveil 28th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies Concord (Sept(...)

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Only four years after Dell acquired SonicWALL, the two companies will once again part. In coming months, Dell intends(...)

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How to Explain Technology Products as a Reseller

When stocking products that your business does not manufacture, your sales and marketing strategies rely on what information the vendor provides.(...)

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What are the Best Channels for Technical Support?

Any business selling technology to end-users requires customer support. Whether you are a hosted reseller or fully ma(...)

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Hardware Comparison Strategies: Choosing Between Two Equal Products

When shopping for new technology, you likely come to the market with various search parameters. For example, your bud(...)

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