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A Global Pioneer in Technology

For more than 50 years Panasonic has introduced innovations for the home and business. When it comes to your business communications, you want the best solutions that help your employees communicate easier and collaborate better. Panasonic has a wide range of SIP end-point terminals available, from single cell DECT cordless desk phones and handsets, to multi-cell wireless phones for on - premise and hosted use. Our DECT solutions have been widely adopted in medical, retail, hospitality, warehousing and office environments. Whether it’s a basic telephony solution or cutting-edged IP based online technology, Panasonic’s communication equipment is notable for its ease of use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability.

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Panasonic is a name trusted across the world in many areas of home and business life. With nearly a hundred years of history behind them, Panasonic has shown true dedication to continue to grow into the future. Known prominently for their televisions, computers, audio solutions, and more – Panasonic offers an impressive array of IP communication solutions, security and surveillance solutions, and more.

Governments, public services, oil and gas, education, and many other sectors trust Panasonic every single day. Trust your business and partner with a company committed to competitive advantage, quality, and innovation.

The Gentek Difference

Our difference stems from our approach, our experience and our commitment to quality and to our customers.

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