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A Versatile Networking Partner

NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of networking products since 1996. ProSafe Switches are specifically designed for networks up to 50 nodes and are affordable, reliable, and easy-to-manage alternatives to more expensive products. Gentek is proud to be a Netgear PowerShift Platinum Plus Partner.

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NETGEAR is an incredibly well-rounded provider of solutions designed to connect the world. From residential applications to corporate and enterprise networks, NETGEAR is the choice for delivering tools and solutions for productivity.

NETGEAR is a leading provider of cost-effective, custom and scalable solutions in the areas of networking, media, security and more. Discover the wide range of NETGEAR solutions available to your customers today.

The Gentek Difference

Our difference stems from our approach, our experience and our commitment to quality and to our customers.

  • Blind Drop Shipping
  • Custom Firmware Loading
  • Kitting
  • Product Customization
  • Training & Information
  • Provisioning
  • Refurbishing
  • Labelling Endpoint Boxes

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