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› Warranties - Digium (by Sangoma) 803 00034
SKU: DG80300034
Manufacturer: Digium (by Sangoma)
Manufacturer's SKU: 803-00034
Switchvox E530 appliance 5 year extended warranty.
Switchvox E530 appliance 5 year extended warranty. For the first 90 days following the warranty start date, you may purchase one extended warranty for your hardware. After 90 days have elapsed, Digium will not allow an extended warranty to be applied to your hardware. For example, if you purchase a 5 year extended warranty, you cannot achieve 10 years of warranty by purchasing a second 5 year extended warranty. Your hardware platform is only warranted for the maximum period of the original warranty and any one extended warranty. For customers who have purchased the 5 year extended warranty, Digium will, for a period of 5 years from the start date, which is a period of 4 additional years beyond the standard hardware warranty of 1 year, warrant that the product purchased by customer shall be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal authorized use consistent with the product instructions.
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