Isn’t It Time for a Different Distributor?

For broadband, VoIP and network products—we’re a new breed of distributor right here in Canada.

The Brands We Carry

Our story starts with a hand-picked, specialized grouping of the highest quality vendors serving our reseller’s markets.

We form deep, focused relationships with our vendors to layer in more value for our resellers and your customers.

Over time, we’ve refined our catalogue and the brands we represent to equip our customers with only the highest quality products. Doing so has allowed us to become hardware specialists with extensive sales, training and support knowledge on everything in our inventory. Through our value-added services, we impart much of this information to our customers to empower their staff and customers alike.

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A Different Breed

Gentek is a different breed of distributor. Our vendor relationships go beyond stocking product; we’re the Northern hub for selling, training and supporting their hardware. We are focused, we are niche and we are certified—all qualities that benefit our customers.

  • Blind Drop Shipping
  • Custom Firmware Loading
  • Kitting
  • Product Customization
  • Training & Information
  • Provisioning
  • Refurbishing
  • Labelling Endpoint Boxes
  • Technology Leasing

Our Experience. Our Team.

Our devotion to becoming the different distributor spans an impressive 35 years. That’s nearly four decades of perfecting our selection process, our services and our approach to how we help your business grow.

Our committed staff come to work every day to surpass expectations and build a truely unique relationship with you.

As a specialized distributor, you are so much more than an account number to us—you are a true partner.

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