Grandstream IPVideoTalk Expands Feature Set in Its Latest Update

Businesses of all sorts use IPVideoTalk—Grandstream’s premier video, audio and web-conferencing service—for its simplicity, flexibility and high quality audio/video. Recently, Grandstream rolled out new features to its already robust roster, allowing users to now store, customize and broadcast their meetings in more ways.

Here’s a few of the enhancements introduced:

  • Cloud recording storage of 1GB for web meetings and 2GB for room systems;
  • Customizable meeting registration pages (i.e. image banners, signup fields, scheduling options and more);
  • Customizable meeting emails, including automatic reminders and other post-meeting blasts (i.e. “thank you” messages or missed attendance notifications);
  • Audio and private/public text response for live Q&A sessions;
  • Live integration with Facebook and YouTube;
  • Dual video-presentation stream and ready-to-pause screen sharing.

To delve deeper into these new features and see them in action, watch the official Grandstream video below!


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