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Our Company

30 years of successful growth

With more than 30 years in business, Gentek has assembled a strong recipe for success. We’ve committed to a specific range of highly qualified brands and products to extend to your customers. This focus enables us to maintain extensive product knowledge and support our diverse range of products.

Gentek is a different breed of distributor. We’re a tightly-knit group of people who care about your business. We are focused. We are niche. We understand the products that we sell, and we want to make sure you purchase what your customer requires. We carry a select line of products from a limited number of vendor partners, and we deliberately only represent “Best of Breed” product manufacturers.

Our team

Our team makes Gentek what it is. We’re in the distribution business. But we’re also in the customer service business. Know that when you buy from Gentek, you can count on us to provide you with a “Customer Comes First” attitude, the best possible product choices, competitive pricing, and fast and efficient processing of your orders.

  • Mitchel Freedman
    CEO, Partner
    @GENTEK since 1980

  • Jeff McInnis
    @GENTEK since 2020

  • Gil Broude
    VP Operations, Partner
    @GENTEK since 2006

  • Jeffrey Freedman
    VP Marketing and Sales, Partner
    @GENTEK since 1980

  • Albina Katz
    @GENTEK since 1987

  • Joel Steacy
    Assistant Warehouse Manager
    @GENTEK since 1987

  • Todd Harrison
    Service Manager
    @GENTEK since 1999

  • Hartley Andrews
    Account Manager
    @GENTEK since 2010

  • Nadine Esrock
    Sales / Admin
    @GENTEK since 2013

  • Sammy Lu
    Product Provisioning
    @GENTEK since 2015

  • Alex Silva
    Pre-Sales & Technical Support
    @GENTEK since 2015

  • Kevin Tobin
    Director of Sales, Eastern Canada
    @GENTEK since 2015

  • John Williams
    Director of Sales
    @GENTEK since 2017

  • Jonathan Bernstein
    Operations Manager
    @GENTEK since 2017

  • Jun Xie
    Material Handling
    @GENTEK since 2017

  • Emeka Obanye
    Purchasing Manager
    @GENTEK since 2018

  • Asher Majgawker
    Supply Chain Manager
    @GENTEK since 2011

  • Phil Doré-Bari
    Account Manager
    @GENTEK since 2019

  • Ryan Perks
    Director of Sales, Central Canada
    @GENTEK since 2019

  • Lindsey Muller
    Order Desk Coordinator
    @GENTEK since 2019

  • Vito Celentano
    Director of Sales, Western Canada
    @GENTEK since 2019

  • Nathanael Luntadila
    Account Manager
    @GENTEK since 2020

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