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MSKU: 1127PB

Brand: Algo

1127PB Analog LED Blue visual alerter for event notification. Desktop, wall or ceiling mount.

SKU: AL1128

MSKU: 1128

Brand: Algo

1128 high intensity analog strobe light for alerting and notification of telephone, emergency, safety, and security events.

SKU: AL1186

MSKU: 1186

Brand: Algo

1186 weatherproof horn speaker, for use with 8180 SIP audio alerter / 1825 Duet Plus loud ringer (replacement for 1185).


MSKU: 1825PM

Brand: Algo

1825PM Duet Plus multi-application loud ringer and paging amplifier.

SKU: AL3228

MSKU: 3228

Brand: Algo

3228 Station Port FXS digital door telephone / security intercom.

SKU: AL8028

MSKU: 8028

Brand: Algo

8028 VoIP SIP door telephone / security intercom.

SKU: AL8036

MSKU: 8036

Brand: Algo

8036 VoIP SIP multimedia (door telephone / camera / interactive kiosk) communication secuirty intercom, PoE required.

SKU: AL8128

MSKU: 8128

Brand: Algo

8128 SIP high intensity strobe light for alerting and notification of telephone, emergency, safety, and security events, Po E required.

SKU: AL8180

MSKU: 8180

Brand: Algo

8180 VoIP SIP audio alerter for loud ring and voice paging applications using dual endpoints, PoE required.

SKU: AL8186

MSKU: 8186

Brand: Algo

8186 VoIP SIP weatherproof horn speaker for voice paging, loud ringing, and emergency / safety / security notification and alerting.

SKU: AL8188

MSKU: 8188

Brand: Algo

8188 VoIP SIP ceiling speaker for voice paging, emergency notification, and background music, PoE required, integrated microphone for talkback,

SKU: AL8301

MSKU: 8301

Brand: Algo

8301 VoIP SIP paging adapter, balanced line level and scheduler for integrating existing and traditional paging solutions into a VoIP environment.

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