How to Help Your Customers Get the Most from VoIP

How to Help Your Customers Get the Most from VoIP

Organizations that have not made the transition to VoIP are not capitalizing on numerous benefits. VoIP systems equip a company’s workforce with better tools to perform their tasks, which improves productivity, increases employee retention—employees are attracted to companies that strive to create an optimal work environment by applying latest trends—and enhances customer service. The following are three reasons why your customers need a VoIP system.


Installing VoIP systems is simple in small companies with 10 or fewer employees, but what about large companies? When serving dozens of phones, waiting for the installation to complete is a massive waste of time as impedes the workforce from actually doing their jobs. Fortunately, auto-provisioning solves for these large-scale installations.

Auto-provisioning allows phones to automatically receive their configuration settings from a previously setup server. This is important as it makes the process easy and seamless in companies of all sizes. Luckily, your distribution partner can help with auto-provisioning when ordering gear for your customers. Here at Gentek, we offer several varieties of auto-provisioning like zero-touch.

Employee Training

VoIP systems seldom come with a big learning curve. That said, organizations can use employee training to capitalize on the advanced features their previous system didn’t have. It’s these advanced features that will improve employee efficiency and effectiveness. These features can include:

  • Auto Attendant: An extension of voicemail, Auto Attendant is a basic feature of high-end IP phone systems. It offers features such as playing music or a pre-recorded message to the customer on hold and utilizes a voicemail “tree” to support directories by department, employee or extension.
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: Good VoIP systems will have audio conferencing capabilities and potentially video conferencing as well. High-fidelity wideband VoIP conference phones permit numerous people to participate in a VoIP conversation from different distances speaking at a normal volume.
  • Find Me, Follow Me (FMFM functionality): With the FMFM feature, employees can move around inside and outside their organization and still receive calls as though they’re sitting at their desk.

 VoIP Apps

Furthermore, VoIP systems provide increased flexibility as you can answer calls on any device through VoIP apps. Interestingly, many desk phones now come equipped with Android and other smartphone operating systems to make the most of said apps without a mobile device. This presents more convenient communication with employees and customers.