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30+ Years of Successful Growth

Gentek is a Canadian leader in the distribution of Broadband, Network, and VoIP products and value-added services.

Our 30+ years distributing product in the IT industry have resulted in a careful selection of the leading brands in each of these categories and along with our extensive sales knowledge, product training, and support we are THE CHOICE for your customer’s requirements.

Gentek is a different breed of distributor. We’re a tightly-knit group of people who care about your business. We are focused. We are niche. We understand the products that we sell, and we want to make sure you purchase what your customer requires. We carry a select line of products from a limited number of vendor partners, and we deliberately only represent “Best of Breed” product manufacturers.

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Our Mission

This is the team that makes Gentek what it is. We’re in the distribution business. But we’re also in the customer service business. Know that when you buy from Gentek, you can count on us to provide you with a “Customer Comes First” attitude, the best possible product choices, competitive pricing, and fast and efficient processing of your orders.


Mitchel Freedman,

CEO, Partner
@GENTEK since 1980

Mitchel started Gentek in 1982, just after having moved to Toronto. In the truest fashion of an entrepeneur, Gentek began in his small apartment, literally out of the closet, growing into the successful company it is today.


Gil Broude,

VP Sales, Partner
@GENTEK since 2006

Gil joined Gentek in 2006 and ever since then, Gentek has enjoyed explosive growth. Today, Gil continues to be passionate about Gentek’s goal to become better, faster, more efficient and most importantly, to always provide the best possible customer experience.


Jeffrey Freedman,

VP Marketing, Partner
@GENTEK since 1980

Jeffrey has been with Mitchel since the beginning. He’s responsible for Gentek’s marketing efforts (web page, promos, e-blasts) and is constantly looking for new and creative ways to make Gentek a better company.


Albina Katz,

@GENTEK since 1987

Albina has been with Gentek for over 20 years. She’s responsible for keeping the company on track financially and handles a tough job with grace and ease.


Joel Steacy,

Assistant Warehouse Manager
@GENTEK since 1987

Joel is a loyal and dedicated employee, responsible for making sure that orders are processed efficiently and quickly.


Eric Li,

@GENTEK since 1997

Eric is known around Gentek as Mr. Fix It. He’s creative, energetic and is an indispensible player on the Gentek team, ready to help his co – workers but more importantly to help our customers.


Todd Harrison,

Service Manager
@GENTEK since 1999

Todd is the manager of Technical Support/Customer Service. He’s great at talking to customers, understanding the problems or concerns they may have and solving those issues properly, courteously, and professionally.


Hartley Andrews,

Order Desk
@GENTEK since 2010

Hartley is the person who ensures that orders are processed smoothly and is an integral part of helping Gentek to get our customers the products that they order on time, every time.


Asher Majgawker,

@GENTEK since 2011

Asher is responsible for product procurement at Gentek. Asher’s attention to detail allows Gentek to be a leader as a company that has the product you want, in stock.


Nadine Esrock,

Sales / Admin
@GENTEK since 2013

Nadine is Gentek’s coordinator of relationships with customers and vendors.


Sammy Lu,

Product Provisioning
@GENTEK since 2015

Sammy joined the team in 2015 as Gentek’s Provisioning & Product Customization Technician.


Alex Silva,

Pre-Sales & Technical Support
@GENTEK since 2015

As Gentek’s Senior Technical Product Advisor, he is available to answer all your product related questions and will ensure you are making the right purchasing decisions.


Kevin Tobin,

Eastern Canada Sales Director
@GENTEK since 2015

Kevin is our Director of Sales for Eastern Canada and has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry working for both manufacturers and distributors.


John Williams,

Director of Sales
@GENTEK since 2017

John is our Director of Sales, Major Accounts and has over 25 years of experience in the Networking and UC industry working for major Manufacturers like Avaya, Mitel and VTech.


Yoav Yosipovich,

Business Analyst
@GENTEK since 2017

Yoav is responsible for analyzing business and stock trends, helping to ensure that Gentek always has the right products and quantities available.


Jonathan Bernstein,

Warehouse Manager
@GENTEK since 2017

Jonathan is responsible for making sure that the Gentek warehouse runs effectively and efficiently. Due to his efforts, product is received and shipped with the utmost accuracy, ensuring that customers’ orders are done right.